Camilla Gibbons

Property Council New Zealand
Meridian Energy Southern Excellence Awards
Young Achiever of the Year
Winner 2015

Camilla, an engineering geologist, says working on the post-earthquake rockfall remediation in the Port Hills, where she witnessed decisive leadership in a time of crisis and a ‘one team’ approach to the complex process of rebuilding a resilient, vibrant Christchurch, was an amazing experience.

Camilla is now realising an ambition to share the lessons learned by training Nepalese authorities in managing the safe demolition of large buildings damaged in their 2015 earthquake.

Camilla Gibbons
Camilla Gibbons (right) receiving her award.

"I am privileged to have received this award, but I share the recognition with the rest of the industry in Christchurch as it has been a team effort."

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